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AkcesAG Real Estate Agency

90-217 Łódź, Sterlinga St. 17 lok. 3

tel. +48 507 105 965

fax: 42/678 54 19

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„AkcesAG” Anna GajdaReal Estate Agency based in Lodz, Sterlinga 17/3 street (between Rewolucji 1905r. and Pomorska street) has been providing, since the commencement of its activity in 1996, complex services in the field of purchase, sale, lease and renting of houses, apartments, all kind of commercial properties and developer plots. The agency also occupies itself with the sale of commercial properties and industrial premises.

The owner of „AkcesAG” Anna Gajda Real Estate Agency -  Anna Gajda MSc and engineer in architecture and construction has many years’ experience in real estate agency services, holding a real estate agent license no. 488. Moreover,she is a member ofarbitration court of fellow-workers of the Association of Real Estate Agents in Central Poland dealing with real estate agency services and holding proper, essential for that kind of services, civil responsibility insurance.

„AkcesAG” Anna GajdaReal Estate Agency is the user of the only one  in Lodz network of offers exchange – Central Property Bank that groups 23 professional companies dealing with real estate agency. Thanks to that, numerous agents - members of the association are professionally engaged in the offers given to „AkcesAG” Anna Gajda Real Estate Agency and the client interested in the purchase of a property, when using services of „AkcesAG” Anna Gajda Real Estate Agency has an access to offers of all of the above mentioned real estate agencies which are members of the association.

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